Solar PV Prices Keep Falling

Today’s lower PV prices are a big windfall to some of the suppliers of slow moving, awarded-but-not funded grant projects because some awards were based on bids placed last fall at a time when PV panels cost 40%  more than they cost today.

But many panel manufacturers are looking at slowing sales and reduced profits in the near term. The global solar market slowdown and reduced selling prices are directly related to declining government incentives across Europe.

Highly susceptible to supply and demand, photovoltaic prices are still heading downhill after steadily declining over the past 90 days. Export prices of Chinese grade A panels are now approximately equal to the cost of the materials. Chinese PV makers are nervously watching Europe and are anxious about orders. Prices of US made PV panels, which serve a narrower, mostly US government market, were dragged down as well but not as severely.

This makes solar cheaper for Americans to buy, and easier for solar contractors to sell!


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